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What You Need To Know About Alarm Clock

An alarm clock is a kind of clocks for bedroom equipped with alarm or bell which can be set to sound on specified clock and minute. The alarm clock is used to wake the sleeping person or as a timer. Almost all alarm clocks have a button that can be pressed to stop the ring of the bell or alarm sound of the alarm clock.

In addition to a short needle and a long needle, the mechanical alarm clock has a third needle or a numeric chakra indicating the bell will sound. The alarm clock with a spring drive has a separate spring to move the beater of the bell. As for an electric alarm clock or an electronic alarm clock with battery, it uses electronic circuit and loudspeaker to make noise. In addition to the ringing of bells, the sounds of alarm clocks can be human voice recordings, animal sounds, to songs from the radio. As the times progressed, the alarm clock function replaced many of the alarm functions contained in electronic products such as mobile phones, stereo or video devices, or personal computers.

The first mechanical alarm clock was created by a craftsman from New Hampshire called Levi Hutchins in 1787. His clock was more like a closet clock than an alarm clock now. The height is about 73 cm and 36 cm wide. The clock can only be heard every 04.00 AM when the creator must get up to work. At that time, Hutchins was not interested in selling his inventions. As more and more people work in the factory, waking up at the same time becomes the need of many people. In 1876, Seth E. Thomas of Thomaston, Connecticut invented the first mechanical clock. Patent number 183,725 received on October 24, 1876, for the hour which can be set to sound at the desired hour. But Seth Thomas’s alarm clock does not yet have a button to stop the ringing of the bells.